Many jumping fitness instructors have been asking us about a children’s program for a long time. Some of those who already had experience with children’s training sessions tested Jumping Fitness with KIDS in advance and told us about the enthusiasm that such training generates among children and parents.

In short, the interest seemed to be enormous, so at the beginning of the year we set about developing a high-quality and effective concept for children.

And now we can finally present it together with Safs&Beta.

“Exercise is fun!”

Jumping Fitness KIDS with Nicole Rudolf in Lauffen am Neckar

Jumping Fitness KIDS at Fit with Nicole in Lauffen am Neckar

On 22.10.2016 we will start with the first Jumping Fitness KIDS training in Berlin. It is an additional module to the Jumping Fitness Basic course and the workshop lasts one day. The approach to training on the trampoline is slightly different. Because our first thought was about what children actually need and, above all, want. It’s clear that the fun factor is number one, and we inevitably deliver that with Jumping Fitness.

Movement for child development

But we didn’t set out to simply assemble a few children on trampolines and let them bounce around wildly and “fun” on them, Instead, we asked ourselves to what extent they are able to cope and what can help them physically and mentally.

In short, how do I teach children something fun for life in the KIDS program?

Our program therefore focuses on their fitness, coordination, concentration and cooperation. The units are sorted by age group.

Here there are the little ones from 5 to 8 years, the slightly older ones from 9 to 12 years and the teens from 13 years, who then also come close to our well-known training concept in their training.

The age groups were not only split according to their physical and motor development phases, but also according to their interests.

Imagine a 12-year-old today having to jump to a children’s song by a 6-year-old. There would probably already be the first mutiny.

Learning with movement

But of course, it is clear that we have looked closely at the different development phases in all areas and have come to this conclusion:

Learning needs movement.

Children learn through movement. We therefore offer a variety of examples in our concept of play and exercise activities. They promote holistic personal development and allow children to gain experience with all their senses. However, children can also be introduced to subject-specific content through movement.

There are movement games to deepen mathematical understanding, linguistic facts can be explained through such games and scientific laws can also be tried out.

Fun and responsibility go together

Jumping Fitness KIDS at Fit with Nicole in Lauffen am Neckar

Jumping Fitness KIDS at Fit with Nicole in Lauffen am Neckar

Knowing how the laws of science work is also very important to minimize the risk of injury during Jumping Fitness KIDS.

Here we come back to the – We don’t just want to let children jump around wildly on trampolines until the doctor comes.

This is about the responsible use of a training device, that has a high fun factor.

We hope that nobody has had an accident on one of the popular garden trampolines. And children in particular are prone to accidents on the large devices. That’s why our program also explains and clarifies what is physically possible in the different age groups, how to avoid injuries and, above all, how children can learn to use the trampoline responsibly without losing the fun.

Because, as we all know, you can’t do without it.

All this and much more can be found in our Jumping Fitness KIDS workshop and fun with the little jumpers is guaranteed.

Because there’s nothing better than seeing children’s eyes light up when they’re allowed on a trampoline.

And the parents have fun too!


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