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Fitness innovation with efficiency and fun factor.

More than 400 muscles are activated during bellicon JUMPING - a milestone compared to conventional endurance sports. The intense, yet joint-friendly training strengthens all parts of the body and promotes endurance. In addition, bellicon JUMPING acts as a natural stress reliever: happiness hormones are released during each exercise while energetic music and the sense of community make the workout a rousing experience. Regardless of age or fitness level, bellicon JUMPING offers an efficient and fun workout for anyone looking to improve their health and fitness.

For every age and performance level.

Whether young or old, beginner or professional, bellicon JUMPING is all about having fun! Anyone can join inregardless of weight, age or performance level.


Personal space, quick successes.

Each participant of the bellicon courses has their own trampoline and thus, their own protected area. The easy-to-learn jumps and techniques guarantee quick success and an incomparable experience. bellicon JUMPING is more than just a workout - the pure joy of movement truly is what makes the difference.


Durable & sophisticated.

Our German-made rebounders are specifically designed to easily withstand years of intensive course use. Thanks to the well thought-out shape, the rebounders can also be used in small course rooms and stacked to save space - up to 25 at a time. This is how we combine comfort and practicality at the highest level.

Trainer quality is key.

Our trainers undergo first-class, scientifically based training. Through regular quality checks and continuous training, they not only maintain their level of knowledge, but also constantly expand it. At bellicon, we focus on quality and up-to-date knowledge.


Access to all knowledge content of the bellicon world!

The bellicon Academy offers you everything you need to keep your courses running at full capacity for many years to come. Our offer includes basic training for solid foundations, advanced training for continuous development, hundreds of videos on our training platform bellicon+ and quarterly new choreography with specially produced music that you can use directly in your courses. In addition, we guarantee through regular quality checks that your applied knowledge always remains up to date.

Success right off the bat with the Marketing Starter Pack.

For a promotionally effective start of your bellicon JUMPING courses, we offer you extensive advertising materials - both digitally for your website and social media, as well as physically in the form of banners, rollups and flyers. With these, you can draw your customers' attention to your new offer and put it in the limelight. With our marketing starter package, the successful launch of your courses is right at your fingertips.

Purchase or subscription: You decide what's best.

At bellicon, you have the freedom to decide if a purchase or subscription is right for you. Our simple subscription options include everything you need to get started smoothly: Trampolines, education, regular maintenance and our marketing package. All this in one simple monthly rate per course place. With bellicon, you design your path to success according to your needs.

Customized costs: Depending on the size of your package, the cost varies from $49 to $99 per course place per month. With bellicon, you decide what you need and what it costs.

Short terms for maximum flexibility.

Our subscription models start from 6 months minimum term with only one month's cancellation. Ideal for spontaneous decisions and unexpected life situations. With bellicon you stay flexible.

Confirmation by success!

bellicon JUMPING not only inspires renowned companies like Puma and Adidas, who trust us in their corporate headquarters, but also more than 1,600 fitness and health facilities throughout Europe! They have all successfully integrated bellicon JUMPING into their offerings and have been benefiting from our unique fitness concept for years. Discover now why bellicon JUMPING is the choice of the professionals!

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